Great news! Autism Learners is now providing ABA Therapy and Autism Services

Autism Learners is a special education resource for parents and professionals to use with their children, student or child to support their adaptive functioning needs. We now offer ABA therapy and autism services in the state of Virginia for clients with autism and other related disorders. Click here for more information: ABA Therapy Services


The individual must meet at least two of the following criteria on a continuing or intermittent basis to receive services in Virginia:

  • Non-verbal or limited functional communication and pragmatic language, unintelligible or echolalic speech, impairment in receptive and/or expressive language.

  • Severe impairment in social interaction /social reasoning /social reciprocity/ and interpersonal relatedness.

  • Frequent intense behavioral outbursts that are self-injurious or aggressive towards others.

  • Disruptive obsessive, repetitive, or ritualized behaviors.

  • Difficulty with sensory integration;


We also offer services for military families in the states of Virginia, Maryland and DC through Tricare! Click here for more information: Military ABA Therapy

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